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Allpress espresso bean store - dunedin 

The Allpress cafe and Roastery in Dunedin which supplies roasted coffee beans to their South Island customers. The Allpress Tokyo building became the design inspiration which was once an inner city timber merchants in downtown Tokyo and had an open, slatted facade to allow airflow for seasoning the timber.

With this in mind, and a desire to maximise the footprint we developed our concept design. The site is situated in the University Campus Zone with a diverse mix of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional architecture. As a Storehouse, robust materials were chosen for construction. The Industrial Facade in Dark Concrete Block & Cedar Battening follows the curvature of the road and gives it substance, matching other larger buildings in the area.
The East Facade in vertical Stria and Cedar, that sits adjacent to the existing cafe outside area, has more of a residential - people friendly feel. The lines of the cladding accentuate the recessed form of the facade and the Cedar elements give a nod to the Japanese timber merchants. 

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